Over 10,000 fishermen yet to return from sea

Sunbd Desk || Published: 2020-05-19 11:15:49 || Updated: 2020-05-19 11:15:49

All boats out at sea had been asked to anchor by Tuesday

As the super cyclone Amphan approaches the coastal areas of the country, all fishing boats and trawlers out on the Bay of Bengal have started returning to shore.

However, over 600 fishing boats from Chattogram and Cox’s Bazar have not returned yet, although the authorities had asked all boats out at sea to anchor by Tuesday. About 10,000 to 12,000 fishermen are aboard these boats.

The Bangladesh Meteorological Department has also asked all fishing boats and trawlers in the north bay and the deep sea to immediately take and remain in shelter until further notice.

“We hope that those who have not returned yet will return by Tuesday afternoon,” said Chattogram District Fisheries Officer Farhana Lavli. “Most of the boats have returned, but some trawlers in the deep sea are still on their way.”

Upon returning, fisherman Lokman described the sea as “very rough” with “big waves.”

There are 4,052 boats in Chattogram, according to the Chattogram District Fisheries Office. Of the 3,000 boats registered under the Chittagong Boat Owners’ Association, 250 have not returned yet.

“The boats will return by Tuesday afternoon,” assured Aminul Islam, president of the association.

The Cox’s Bazar Boat Owners’ Association has about 7,000 boats, of which 350 have yet to return. Mostaq Ahmed, general secretary of the association, said the boats were on their way.

“All the enlisted industrial trawlers have reached the shore from the deep sea,” said Manjur Alam, inspector of the marine fisheries department.

According to the shipping department of Chattogram, the small boats can hold 16 sailors, while fishing trawlers can hold a maximum of 32 sailors at a time.

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