Spring surely to come: Chinese envoy writes Bangladeshi students

|| Published: 2020-02-25 16:01:07 || Updated: 2020-03-01 14:22:24

Ambassador Jiming said epidemic may isolate them physically, but it does not cut off communication or love. “We’re all in this battle together. And this is a battle we are well-poised to win”

Chinese Ambassador to Bangladesh Li Jiming
Chinese Ambassador to Bangladesh Li Jiming has urged the Bangladeshi students in China to continue to have faith, keep calm and stay strong, noting that “winter will pass, and spring is sure to come”.

“So far, no Bangladeshi student in China has been infected, nor anyone in Bangladesh. It’s a hard-earned record, and in order to keep it your contribution would be essential,” said the Ambassador in a recent letter to Bangladeshi students.

Ambassador Jiming said epidemic may isolate them physically, but it does not cut off communication or love. “We are all in this battle together. And this is a battle we’re well-poised to win.”

The Ambassador said the number of daily cured patients first exceeded that of the confirmed cases while the total number of cured cases is over 20,000 and climbing. “Most of all, it is such a relief for all the people who care about you to see that you’re under care and protection in your campus in China.”

While it is perfectly understandable to feel the desire to come back home, he said, young Bangladeshis who are among the most outstanding ones in their generation, could easily tell, with their sharp sense of judgment, that it is the best option right now to stay in China for the safety of them and their loved ones back home even if it means a small sacrifice on students’ part.

“I would confidently rely on you to make the most sensible decision, and sincerely believe that as a member of the Bengali nation, you will not put your country and your people at risk, however small the possibility might be,” Jiming said.

At the same time, the officials in the Chinese Embassy are in all-time communication with the concerned authorities in both China and Bangladesh to stay informed of students’ latest situation, he said.

The Chinese envoy said the government of China is making sure that the whole country is mobilised to maintain sufficient supply of daily needs and medical materials for foreign students, and the school staff members are always there for Bangladeshi students whenever they need.

“As upsetting as it could be to stay under long-time quarantine, you’ve been doing it with optimism and understanding, as shown in the heart-touching videos you posted in support of China, which made us feel so proud of you,” he said.

By doing so, the Ambassador said, Bangladeshi students are not only effectively protecting themselves, but also joining the rest of 1. 4 billion populations in China at this critical moment in contributing to the greater good of epidemic control.

“I along with the Chinese Embassy will be looking forward to welcoming you back home safe and sound in the near future,” he said.

The Chinese envoy mentioned that it became a natural cause of worry and anxiety for students and their families, when they found themselves under quarantine in a foreign land with an unfamiliar epidemic seemingly spreading outside their school campus.

“Please remember that you are not alone. Standing immediately beside you are your schoolmates and teachers, local Chinese authorities and medical specialists from all over China, who see your wellbeing as one of their top priorities,” he said.

Back at home, Ambassador Jiming said, the families and friends of the Bangladeshi students and all 170 millions of people of Bangladesh as well as the government of Bangladesh and officials at the Chinese Embassy are constantly checking on their conditions with uppermost attention and care.

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